Saturday, January 16, 2016

John Hiatt -- You Must Go

The old saying about the simple things in life being the best rings true for me whenever I hear a Hiatt tune. I'm always reminded of riding with DeucE on Old Metairie Road (the oldest road to New Orleans) when he slipped in a John Hiatt cassette, one of his favorites. It was back in the day when I thought I knew everything about everything, including music. I was blown away just like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Interestingly enough, his backing band at the time was made up of three amazing musicians from Louisiana of all places. I've always maintained that I need to get out more and here was proof positive. Fast forward some 15 years and my young daughter (already the greatest of Beatles fans) comes into the living room one evening and says "Dad, I really like this song, what do you think?" She then proceeds to play Hiatt's Have A Little Faith In Me. Poor thing did not realize at the time that Hiatt to me was like the Beatles to her. That bit of Cajun in my blood came out and I talked her head off that night. Another fond memory... I've been restless as of late for a number of reasons so here's one of my favorites with a message on the subject like only Hiatt can tell. Thanks John, thanks DeucE and thanks Alexis, for we all must go every now and again...

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