Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sonny Landreth -- A Musician's Musician

I had been driving all day closing in on Tally, trying mightily to just get home when I realized that taking a pass on that last rest stop 25 or so miles back had turned out to be a big mistake. Spotted a MacDonald's sign out in the middle of I-10 nowhere and hit the exit for a quick drain. Mission accomplished but it was still hot out so why not get a large drink to go. I turned to the counter and there stood a young couple with their backs to me. The young man has a guitar in an old gig bag strapped to his back with a small battered amp at his feet. I'm immediately smiling ear to ear in my University of New Orleans cap and worn out Saints Super Bowl Champs t-shirt. Just then I hear the kid say to his girl, "we don't have enough money so you get your Big Mac and we'll split a small drink and fries." She says "no that's ok, you get what you want," then turns slowly, sees me and whispers "sorry mister." I say "no problem and if I may" just as the charming cashier says "someone here needs to make up their mind already" loud enough for everyone to hear. The couple steps aside and now the kid turns and says "sorry mister, you can go on ahead of us, sir." Guess they thought I was pissed with them since I was no longer smiling but in truth what I really wanted to do was knock the cashier into next week. Breathe in, breathe out... I stepped up and told the cashier that I just wanted to get a large drink to go but to get the kids a couple of big macs, a couple of large fries, two large drinks, and oh yeah, two apple pies. The kid says "mister, we really can't take that but thank you just the same." I respond with "you have to, it's code in the Big Easy where I come from, one musician to another thing, so allow me the pleasure and one day you can return the favor by helping out another musician..." They asked me to join them and I should have (damn I should have) but I told them that I had to get home. Now, here's where the whole encounter really gets good and has me smiling ear to ear again. As I finish filling my drink and turn to head out, I hear his girl say something like if you don't ask him I will. So the kid says "Mister, if you don't mind, you being from New Orleans and all, we were wondering if maybe you knew of or ever had the chance to see a slide guitarist by the name of Sonny Landreth." Kid, I don't mind, not one bit. And yes, I do believe I know of Breaux Bridge's finest and his music rather well. April 25th is right around the corner as a matter of fact...


  1. Who is telling the story..Sonny?

  2. It's a Jb original. Best to you and yours, SC Ray. Jb

    1. Gotcha….enjoy the music…I still gotta see Cray one day.