Monday, February 21, 2011

Andrew Duhon - 'Cross the Pond

Made a quick trip home this weekend since the kids have today off. Arrived unannounced so I could surprise my folks. Headed out to UNO's home opener on the Lakefront (we won!) with hopes of getting an autograph for my son of a young phenom (Nick Schwaner) drafted last year and now with the Tampa Bay Rays. Brought a couple of balls with me on a hunch and guess who was there, mission accomplished.

Went in search of a Mia Borders' CD (one of Jb's Christmas posts) and while no luck, stumbled across a book on New Orleans by Jeff Duncan, with the book's introduction written by Deuce Mcallister. Turns out that it is an autographed copy signed by Mr. Duncan and Mr. Mcallister. A pretty good belated gift for Evan (I could tell by the expression on his face). Dad pulls through again.

Got a gift myself last night in the form of a tip from a good friend, seems he has a cousin who is a talented lyricist and musician, also someone to keep an eye on. See for yourself.

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