Saturday, August 28, 2010

New and Improved Sunday Morning Ritual

Stopped getting the newspaper delivered since they were not capable of delivering the (traditionally much desired) Sunday issue for some reason. Reported it repeatedly and eventually they would show up with it but never before Sunday noon and believe it or not with attitude on display. Who the hell my age wants their Sunday paper delivered at noon?

Then the evening phone calls came with the tired "what can we do to make it right?" After discussing the questionable merits of quality control, the near impossibility of hiring decent talent these days, delivering your product with even just a bit of the intensity of their commitment to the follow-up calls and the obligatory "I'll think about it," it dawned on me.

"Hey Mrs. J___ (we were on a first name basis by now), how are you? Thanks for calling yet again." Yes, I have given it more thought and appreciate the free one-year offer but I've already found a replacement. No, no dear, I'm not receiving an out of town, large city publication. I now sit by my pool early Sunday morn with Never heard of it, yourself? Oh dear, do I detect attitude and I thought that we were becoming fast friends. Why not stop by and join me poolside for some coffee this coming Sunday and I will introduce you to my new Sunday morning reading? What, Mr. J___ might not approve so you better be going now. Sure, it's ok if you or perhaps one of your coworkers calls me in the future but only if you check out my new source of news and information. Promise Mrs. J___? No, no, you have to promise before you call again. Seems we were disconnected - oh dear, someone should check with quality control...

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