Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wisdom - To Realize early on & To Remember later on

A through E came to me the other day as I sat pondering certain team dynamics:

A., We age all too quickly, slow down a bit more with each passing year and forget things like where we put our glasses as they sit perched atop our heads. But once upon a time, I often wondered why certain coworkers or those who came before did not take on certain business challenges and rise to the occasion. Why didn't they negotiate and/or implement a better program or plan on behalf of the company?

B., For it's what some of us lived for back in the day. I did day in and day out. Didn't care if my team did or did not. Get on board or else hit the bricks...

C., Now that I am pacing myself (and you should too regardless of where you are along the career line), I hope that the next young buck hailed by leadership as an expert possesses the wisdom to realize and to remember that those who went before us did not necessarily fail due to lack of trying or lack or caring or what have you...

D., Perhaps there were other priorities at the time, perhaps their ideas were shot down by management, perhaps someone moved on to that elusive greener pasture mid-stream. Or perhaps someone was simply pacing himself or herself and the team...

E., What do you think?

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