Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entitlement from the Top...

Received a call the other day from a benchmarking contact. She was frustrated that her company concerned with cutbacks and pinching pennies had just hired someone in a newly created "obsolete" position, originally approved at one level then upgraded to management no less. She was checking in because she also knew that they had offered the new recruit too much money. To add fuel to the fire, there were others already in place albeit in a different department in non-management positions responsible for this type of work.

She had my attention so I inquired about the position and yes, it is a "dinosaur." I inquired about the pay and yes, they paid too much. More fuel, their CFO spearheaded the initiative and hired someone he knew personally rather than recruit through normal channels. I just had to know, was their CEO in the loop? "Indeed, but everyone knows the CFO runs the company. And, to most in view, rather poorly."

Here's to cutbacks and pinching pennies. Indeed, another fine example of Leadership Entitlement.

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